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Cake Board Wholesale - Manufacturer/factory/supplier In China

The best wholesale cake board factory and supplier in China, Sunshine Bakery Packaging, is the leading manufacturer and exporter of wholesale cake boards,cake base board wholesale and cake drums wholesale. It provides a bulk cake board factory price for our products and services worldwide. Therefore, whether you are looking for a custom cake board for your brand or who wants to wholesale and purchase conventional cake boards for wholesale sales and custom cake boards with logo, we will help you find a perfect solution suitable for your business needs.   As a cake board wholesale suppliers, Sunshine Packaging provide a variety of rich baking packaging and cheap cake board for the growing baking industry. Our cake board wholesale has a variety of colors, styles, designs and full sizes to choose from: the most popular of round and square, and the highest sales size: 6,8,10,12, and 14inch. Conventional colors can be selected: black,white, gold and silver cake drum. All of our cake board wholesale are made of high-quality corrugated paper, double-gray cardboard or MDF materials, which can be safe, sturdy, and stable to make the cake board play its role in the transportation and putting cake desserts.   For the purchase of wholesale cake boards, please search on our homepage and find the product classification and search to see what you need. As a cake board suppliers and cake board manufacturers , Our Cake Boards wholesale includes Cake Drum , Cake Base Board , MDF Cake Board, and mini cake board . We customize wholesale baking packaging Vertical Setup Service and cheap cake boards product prices worldwide.