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As a professional cake board wholesale supplier, we are the way to maintain good quality and competitive price for our valued customers around the world. china masonite cake board factory gives customers a perfect shopping experience with efficient production and on-time delivery, contact us for a wholesale quotation of cake boards.

  • Product name: MDF cake board ( masonite cake board )
  • Color: Pink,Sliver,Gold,White,Black ,Red,Blue,Green / Customized
  • Material: Masonite Board
  • Size: 4inch-30inch / Customized
  • Thickness: 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm / Customized
  • Logo: Accept Customer's Logo
  • Shape: Round,Square,Rectangle,Oblong,Heart,Hexagon,Petal / Fully Customized
  • Pattern: Accept print designs and custom patterns
  • Package: 1-5 Pcs/shrink wrap / Customized
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    Best masonite cake board Manufacturer, Factory in China

    China masonite cake board: Made from medium density fiberboard (MDF), this material is a reusable cake option. During production we cover with foil to keep water and grease out. Cake boards are usually only used between cake layers to provide structural support. Customized mdf cake board with perfect printed coating, perfect to showcase your brand, cake boards wholesale can be combined with any wedding or birthday cake for any occasion.

    Strong cake presentation board

    Suitable for all celebration cakes

    Various size available

    masonite cake board round
    china masonite cake board




    The surface of the MDF cake board is flatter than other cake boards, and the clean surface can not only make the cake look more upscale, it will leave a safe and healthy impression in the consumer's subconscious. Compared with ordinary cake boards, MDF cake boards have stronger bearing capacity and are mainly used for pastry trays, or delicate dessert displays.
    As a bakery packaging suppliers,here we suggest that consumers will choose a pure white cake base when purchasing. The pure white base works well with a variety of cake styles. High-quality textures are also displayed, eliminating the time cost of packaging and matching different types of cakes, which can be matched arbitrarily.

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