Custom Cookie Box

custom cookie box

How To Put Together A Cookie Box?

Putting together a cookie box is a fun and creative way to gift homemade treats to friends and family. Here are some steps to help you assemble a delicious and beautiful cookie box:

1. Choose your cookies: Decide what type of cookies you want in your box. Offer the best options in a variety of flavors and textures, such as chocolate chip, sugar cookie, peanut butter cookie, and oatmeal raisin.

2. Bought or homemade cookies: If you don't have time to bake your own cookies, you can buy them from a bakery or grocery store. Or, you can make your own cookies using your favorite recipe.

3. Assemble your box: Choose a box big enough to hold all your cookies. You can use a decorative cardboard box or a regular white bread box. Line the box with tissue paper, parchment, or waxed paper.

4. Arrange the cookies: Arrange the larger cookies on the bottom of the box and the smaller ones on top. You can also add some tissue paper or shredded paper to fill in any gaps.

5. Attach a Note: Write the recipient a personalized note thanking them for their friendship or expressing your gratitude to them.

6. Decorate the box: You can add some ribbon, washi tape or stickers to decorate the box and make it look more festive.

7. Seal and Ship: Close the box and seal it with tape. You can deliver the box to the recipient in person, or you can mail it.

Give away a homemade cookie box and have fun!

Type Of PACKINGWAY® Cookie Box

white cookie box

white cookie box

Cookie box with window

Cookie box with window

4 holes cupcake box

4 holes cupcake box

6 holes cupcake box

6 holes cupcake box

12 holes cupcake box

12 holes cupcake box

24 holes cupcake box

24 holes cupcake box

Cupcake Boxes with Various Holes

Cupcake Boxes with Various Holes

SUNSHINE PACKINWAY's cupcake box products not only have a beautiful appearance, but also have a variety of hole options. Our products can accommodate different quantities of cakes, ranging from 6 holes to 24 holes, which are very suitable for the needs of different occasions.
For individual or small events, our 6-hole or 12-hole cupcake boxes are great. And for large events or commercial occasions such as cafes, our 16-hole or 24-hole cupcake boxes are more suitable.

Cupcake Box Design With Window

Cupcake Box Design With Window

The window design of the cupcake box breaks through the traditional pattern, not only beautiful but also practical. The window design not only allows you to see the lovely cupcakes at a glance, but also ensures the freshness and quality of the food. The cupcake boxes with window are made of high quality paper that can withstand heavy pressure and waterproof. The open top lets you add any decorations to elevate the cupcakes, and they're easy to carry.

Custom Cookie Box Wholesale

Wholesale Cookie Box Supplies

*Ordering bulk quantities? Reach out to our sales team for bulk pricing discounts! Contact Us

6 Steps To Customize Cookie Box

Any ideas for custom transparent cake boxes? No matter how special they are, our tailored solutions and experiences will help you realize your ideas and succeed.

Determine your purchasing needs (1)

1. Determine your purchasing needs:

Tell us how many cupcake boxes you need to buy, what material and color you want, and if you need to print a specific design or logo (we have a free design team to assist you).

Contact us

2. Contact us:

Contact a professional bakery packaging supplier and ask for detailed information about products and services, such as price, MOQ, material, samples, etc. We provide the products and services you need, and communicate with you about the delivery time, payment method and trade terms.

Place an order

3. Place an order:

After confirming the selection, our sales staff will place an order with you, sign a contract, and guarantee the quality and delivery date. (Confirm the price, order quantity, delivery date and other specific services and terms in the contract).


4. Payment:

According to the contract, pay on time.

Waiting for delivery

5. Waiting for delivery:

Our factory will start to arrange the production plan, arrange logistics and distribution, and deliver the goods within the specified time.

Confirm the quality

6. Confirm the quality:

 After receiving the product, please make sure that the product received is consistent with the description in the order, and check whether its quality meets your requirements. We provide after-sales protection, 100% guarantee the interests of customers.

Bakery packaging solutions tailored to your industry

*Ordering bulk quantities? Reach out to our sales team for bulk pricing discounts! Contact Us


As a leading bakery packaging manufacturer in China, SUNSHIHNE PACKINWAY can bring many advantages to our partners, including:
1. Customized packaging service: PACKINWAY can provide customized packaging solutions for partners all over the world to meet your different needs.
2. High-quality products: PACKINWAY can provide high-quality Wedding Cake boxes, Cookie/Biscuit boxes, Transparent boxes, Cupcake boxes, Macaron boxes, One-piece cake boxes, and other bakery packaging products to help you improve product quality and brand image.
3. Diversified product selection: PACKINWAY can provide a full range of bakery packaging products including a variety of products in different sizes, colors, and materials to meet the different needs of you and your partners.
4. Competitive prices: As a professional Wholesale Bakery Packaging manufacturer, PACKINWAY can provide competitive prices to help your partners increase profits and reduce costs.
5. Fast delivery: PACKINWAY can provide fast delivery time, and provide one-stop logistics service to meet the urgent needs of you and your partners.
6. Professional after-sales service: PACKINWAY can provide professional after-sales service, solve problems encountered by partners in the process of use in a timely manner, and provide solutions.

FAQ of Customer Concerns for Custom Cookie Box Packaging in Bluk

1. How can we bulk order custom cookie boxes?

You can contact SUNSHINE PACKINWAY packaging suppliers and provide them with your requirements, such as the quantity, size, material and design of biscuit boxes. The SUNSHINE BAKERY supplier will then provide you with a quote and delivery time.

2. What are the materials for custom cookie boxes?

There are several materials available for custom cookie boxes such as cardboard, cardboard, kraft paper, and plastic. Material selection will depend on your budget, design and sustainability preferences.

3. Can we have our logo or artwork to be printed on our cookie boxes?

Yes, you can customize your cookie box with your logo, artwork, or any design you like. You can provide artwork files to SUNSHINE BAKERY suppliers or work with their design team to come up with a unique design.

4. What is the minimum order quantity for custom cookie boxes?

Minimum order quantities will vary by supplier and materials used. Best to check with the supplier about their MOQ.

5. How long does it take for us to receive a custom cookie box?

Lead times for custom cookie boxes depend on the quantity, material, and complexity of the design. Send an email to our salesman to verify the estimated delivery time.

6. Can we get a sample before placing a bulk order?

Yes, as a professional bakery packaging manufacturer, we provide customers with samples to test the quality and design of the biscuit box. However, samples and freight may be charged extra.

7. Can we request a specific size or shape for our cookie box?

Yes, you can request a specific size or shape, and color, etc. for your biscuit box, if you have any ideas, please contact us, we also provide a free design team to meet your requirements.

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Bakery packaging solutions tailored to your industry

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