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Finding great packaging for cakes and treats can be so hard to find! In these videos We will walk you through everything.

Cake Board Videos

Customized packaging and conventional packaging of cake drum, according to customer requirements

Cake Board square, available in black, white, gold and silver, customizable colors and packaging

Our cake boards passed the SGS inspection, testing, certification and identification

cake board waterproof and oil proof test, so that u have no worries when transporting cake

Cake Box Videos

The Cake Box is custom desserts for any occasion including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more.

Corrugated cake boxes are mostly used for wedding cakes, with high load-bearing and solid

White transparent cake box installation guide / with ribbon and hard white base plate

Transparent cake box installation - easy to install and use, perfect display of your cake or gift

Factory Videos

Check every cake box and cake board before shipment to ensure quality

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Cake boxes and boards delivery services 2022 and we ship them fast! |Sunshine factory supplier

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Our march promotion is coming!! Stay tuned! Mystery gifts and free samples!

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