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Rectangular cake drums with different texture designs, embossing and graphic printing, choose these rectangular cake drums to transport and present your cake artwork in a new and fashionable way. Whether using rectangular cake drums at home or in a commercial enterprise will, these oil-proof cake drums have smooth edges to maintain a high quality and professional appearance, the perfect way to present a cake in an elegant and professional manner.

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Easily decorate, transport and serve your pastry using our rectangular cake boards. Sunshine Bakery Packaging offers rectangular cake drums available in basic white, black, golden silver or special colors. Each rectangular cake drum is completely wrapped in food-grade aluminum foil and made from heavy-duty cardboard.
Sunshine Baking Packaging Manufacturers specialise in cake displays and presentations, from our finest quality cake drums to our gorgeous cake ribbons. We only use the best materials and our production process is unmatched. Your baked art is worth having!

Strong cake presentation board

Suitable for all celebration cakes

Various size available

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Browse the various shapes of Cake drums on the Sunshine Cake Board and purchase the most suitable one. As a wholesale cake drum manufacturer, we are definitely an attractive choice for suppliers who want to purchase a large amount of cake drums at a cost-effective, cheap and economical price. These cake drums are sure to look great and have been treated with water and oil to provide maximum functionality.

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