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Bakery Box Wholesale - Manufacturer/factory/supplier In China

Sunshine Bakery Packaging is a professional Bakery Box manufacturers and cake box wholesale suppliers. With more than 9 years of professional manufacturing and sales experience, cooperate with our customers to customize the wholesale Bakery Box and related Bakery packaging industry to provide new ideas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our partners. As a wholesale bakery packaging supplies factories,We have a wealth of OEM and ODM product series, and be a cake box manufacturers we also support customers can customize any Bakery Box  wholesale with the need for design styles, colors and sizes, and print patterns. As china disposable cake box manufacturer,Our Bakery Box wholesale category includes Wedding Cake Boxes, Cookie/Biscuit Box, Transparent Boxes, Cupcake Box, Macaron Box, Cake Slice Boxes Wholesale/One Piece Cake Box, and baking packaging boxes with custom logos. All products can choose simple and ordinary white paper and brown kafrt paper, or choose color-customized boxes to enhance your brand influence. As a wholesale bakery packaging supplies manufacturers,we firmly provide our customers with the best services and will do our best to meet customer requirements. You can find a variety of colors and patterns, boxes with windows and boxes without windows, one-piece boxes and folding boxes in china disposable cake box factory. Bakery packaging suppliers making it very convenient to bring handled cake boxes that can be carried and transported safely. Whether you need a small mini cake box or a large gift box, you can contact cake box suppliers ,we will meet your or your business's needs in our cake box factory.