Cake Drum

Cake Drum Manufacturer/factory/supplier In China

Sunshine Bakery Packaging is one of China's leading Cake DRUM wholesale suppliers, manufacturers and exporters. It has more than 9 years of baking packaging bulk cake drum wholesale industry experience that has made us a trustworthy supplier. We provide global wholesalers selling global wholesalers Various wholesale cake boards and baking packaging products. Cake Drum is a must-have for all bakers. It can be carried with cakes and is waterproof and oil-proof. It is very practical to transport and display customers' baking art cake works. These CAKE DRUM wholesale prices are high -quality can be customized, and are also suitable for various event occasions. We provide you with various shapes of cake buckets such as round and square, and cake drums of various sizes, colors and thicknesses, basic gold, silver, white, black, or special colors. We recommend the following hot-selling dimensions: 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 inches or customized sizes. We are not only focusing on Cake Drum, but we also provide a large number of other high-quality packaging and baking supplies. You can purchase a variety of products in one stop.