What’s the difference between a cake board and a cake drum?

Many people who are not professional at baking may just want to try to make a cake. When buying a cake board, they may make a mistake because they are not clear how to order, just take what they think. Therefore, it is necessary to know the specific division of the cake tray in advance before buying. Today, this article focuses on the detailed explanation of cake trays and cake drums. I think you can also understand some information about other cake trays. Next, I will explain the cake base and cake drum in detail. Please read the article patiently.

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round cake base board
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What is a cake board?

First, you need to know what a cake board is. A cake board is a tray on which a cake is carried, either plastic or paper. Some people may feel that the cake board is out of date. In fact, as long as it is placed in the cake box, not so much attention is paid to it, but for many traditional baking people, it is still necessary to buy a cake board. With a cake board, you will have a fixed place to place the cake in the cake box without deviation, but also have a contrast. They are perfect for most cakes and can be reused several times as long as you use them carefully when cutting. Plastic is more expensive, so most people buy paper cake boards.

They are usually cheaper, and some thin, stiff boards are used to lay stacked cakes, as this is easy to cover and provides enough support for the cake. Cake boards come in many shapes, sizes and thicknesses, from die-cut boards to drums! We stock a large selection for you to choose from! You can also buy gold or silver cake board foil if you want to reuse or cover any tired boards to minimize waste.

There are many materials used on paper. We have double gray cardboard, corrugated cardboard, MDF board, some mini paper boards will also use white card as paper core, and then the upper and lower sides of the foil coating, so it is white in the middle, while some mini paper boards will use double gray cardboard as paper core, so it is gray in the middle, which is also where some customers often have doubts. In fact, different materials are used. Different materials will have different effects. You can choose the cake board you need according to the characteristics of the material.

Double gray cardboard

This material can be as thin as 1mm and as thick as 5mm.

Can be made in a die-cut style, the top of the material with aluminum foil coating. 1-2mm is ideal for lighter twinkies and sponges, and can be used at the bottom of each layer on top of sponge or small fruit cakes for wedding cakes and multi-layered cakes. We can help customize cake trays of various sizes and shapes, so you don't have to worry about finding the right cake tray to hide under the cake; the 3mm can be used to hold heavier fruit cakes and sponge cakes. It also works well with layered cakes; 4-5mm is a better match, good strength and thin just doesn't work too well.

You can also use a variety of paper wrapped cake supports, which do not leak inside the material. It is suitable for the use of a single cake. Leakage of the cake base of the packaging will appear more beautiful.

Corrugated cardboard

This material is 3mm per piece, but you can paste 2 pieces and several pieces into 1 piece, so you can get a very thick cake board. As far as the thin corrugated cake substrate is concerned, it is made into 3mm or 6mm, it is also used to hold light cakes. In addition, because corrugated has its own corrugated lines, when using, we should also pay attention to the use of resistance to take, otherwise it will be easy to break.

MDF board

This material can be as thin as 3mm and as thick as 12mm.

Although it is the thinnest at only 3mm, do not underestimate the 3mm, its hardness compared to the double gray board of 5mm is not much. Because it's made of wood, it's a lot harder than the rest. So the weight of 12mm MDF is almost the same as that of brick. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to take and put into use, otherwise it is very painful to hit or be hit.

Some customers will also wonder why the freight of this cake tray of the same size and thickness is much more expensive than others. One reason is that it is heavier, and the other reason is that there are wooden components in it. We need to charge a commodity inspection fee before we can export it. So overall, it is much more expensive than other paper cake trays on the market.

What’s a cake drum?

In fact, the cake drum is a kind of cake board. It can be said that the two of them are in the relationship of inclusion and inclusion. The scope of the cake drum is much smaller than that of the cake board.

Cake drums can be used mainly in corrugated cardboard. A few double gray cardboard is used to match corrugated cardboard to make hard cake drums, and some thick MDF is also known as cake drums.

Compared to cake board, this universal word, cake drums are better to distinguish, because it is thick enough, generally about 12mm. We can also make other thicknesses, corrugated board thickness can even reach 24mm, most of our current inventory is 12mm, and customers who need thicker styles can also consult us for quotation.

It's perfect for a wedding cake or a layered cake. We also tested that a 12mm cake base can support 11kg dumbbells, which are then used to support the multilayer cake. There must be no problem. This is also an ordinary cake board that can't do one thing.

In addition, for the decoration of the cake board, if you want the ribbon to surround it, to surround it on the thin cake board is too ugly, only this kind of thick cake board can just support it. 

To sum up, the cake drum is actually a subset of the cake board, which is thicker than the regular cake board. In addition, we have listed some methods of using cake boards, hoping to give you some reference. 

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