What size cake board to use?

There is no standard rule for the size of the cake board, which depends on the baker who makes the cake. Some people like large-sized cakes, some people like to make square cakes, and some people like to make multi-layered cakes. How to use the cake board depends entirely on the shape, size and weight of the cake. The function of this cake board helps the baker to finish a professional.

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round cake base board
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The first and most basic step is to measure the cake. If you still don't know how many big cakes you want and what size cake board to use, you can use a ruler to measure the size of the cake, and the size of the cake board is often 1.5-2 inches larger than that of the cake. If you want to make a 10-inch cake, then you usually need an 11.5-inch or 12-inch cake holder. Then, some people will ask, can't I use a cake holder one inch larger than the cake? Of course, if you want to save a little cost, you can also use a cake board one inch larger than the cake, but this will affect the beauty of the cake. Then, after you choose the size of the cake, you can choose a test paper of the same size to make the cake.

Cake board shape

For the choice of the shape of cake board, the completion depends on the shape of the cake made by the baker. Common cakes are round, and some cakes will be made into a square shape. Rectangular, correspondingly, the cake holder will be made into the same shape as the cake. If it happens that this day is Valentine's Day, the baker will also make a heart-shaped cake holder. However, the cake board will also be made into a heart-shape. Show your love through cakes and cake board.

Cake Type

There are many kinds of cakes, including cream cake, chocolate cake and Mu Si cake. This kind of cake is also called sponge cake. Because this kind of cake is lighter, a thinner cake holder will be chosen as the base of this kind of cake. Because sponge cakes usually weigh only 1-2kg, it is appropriate to decorate them with a thinner cake board. If you choose a thick cake board, it will also increase the selling cost of the cake.Actually, a thin cake board like this one can also be strong. We usually use cake board of 2mm and 3mm thickness to place lighter cakes. If we make this thin cake holder 4mm or 5mm thick, then this cake board can also be used to place double or triple cakes.

Fruit cakes are usually a little heavy, soa thicker cake is needed. We call this cake board a cake drum. The bearing capacity of this cake drum is relatively good, and it can generally hold cakes weighing

10-12kg.So, how thick is this thicker cake drum? In the market, the common cake drum has a thickness of 12mm. Of course, there are other unusual thicknesses, such as 10mm, 15mm and 16mm.

Multilayer cake

If you are making a multi-layered cake, I think you must use a stronger cake holder. Because the multi-layer cake is very heavy, it is formed by stacking several cakes together. For example, an 8-inch cake and a 10-inch cake, stacked together, become a double-layer cake; If there are three layers of cake, put a six-layer cake on the top, or a 12-inch cake on the bottom.

All in all, multi-layer cakes are pyramid-shaped, and their sizes are from big to small. This is the cake holder that we are going to use another material. We usually call it MDF board. This kind of material is made of fiber, and the surface material looks like wood board. Therefore, it is strong enough, and its thickness can be 2-9mm. Commonly used thicknesses are 5mm and 6mm; A cake board that can bear about 20kg weight. This kind of cake board is often used for wedding cakes and party cakes.

Recommend cake board sizes

In a word, how to choose a suitable cake board for the cake depends on what kind of cake the baker wants to make.

If you want to know the common sizes of cake holders, I can also recommend some sizes.

For thin cake board, the common sizes are 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches; Common thicknesses are 2 mm and 3mm, these two sizes; 1mm thick, conventionally prepared for mini cake board, or salmon plates; For color, of course, white is the most popular, because white is easy to match the color of cake; And gold, silver is also a popular size. For the black cake board, it is a gorgeous color, suitable for gorgeous cakes.

For thick cake drums, the commonly used sizes are also 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches; A common thickness is 12mm. For cake drums, some textures are usually printed on the surface of cake drums, such as common grape texture, rose texture, maple leaf texture and so on. For color, white is also the most popular, and it is easy to match the color of cake; Next is silver, gold and black.

For MDF boards, the common sizes are also 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches; Common thicknesses are 4mm and 5mm. This cake board is printed in many colors, such as common marble texture, grass texture, wooden texture and so on.Especially the marble texture, which looks very gorgeous, is perfect for multi-layered wedding cakes.Of course, the white, silver, gold and black of this cake holder are also very popular.

The sizes of the above three cake board are only my personal recommendations. If you don't think they are suitable, you can order the suitable cake board according to your preferences.

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