What Size Cake Board Should I Buy?

For some, a cake board may seem like a trivial item that doesn't have much impact on the cake, so the focus is often on the finished product. However, the boards are also an important part of displaying the cake -- after all, they're what keeps your artwork in place.

We have many kinds of cake boards on sale. You can choose the right cake board according to your cake size and weight. Choosing the correct cake board will make the finished cake twice as effective, and you will feel happy and worthwhile. Some customers choose inappropriate cake boards, for example, the size is too small or not thick enough, which leads to complaints from some customers.

However, it is also because there is no good discussion at the beginning, and the seller cannot be entirely blamed. Therefore, when buying cake boards, it is very necessary to explain to the seller what size cake and how much weight you want to use this cake board to hold. To facilitate the subsequent quotation and receive the goods after everyone is happy.

round cake base board

What kind of cake board does your cake fit?

non slip cake mat
round cake base board
mini cake base board

According to thickness and technology, the cake boards on the market are divided into three categories: cake base boards, cake boards and cake drums. The board needs to be firm and strong enough to support the weight of the cake. If your cake is light, you can choose a cake board.

Choose a cake drum if the cake is heavy. And the cake base board is according to your preferences to choose, because it is not very beautiful, so don't like to leak the edge of the cake board. There is a want to edge also waterproof function, so there are these needs of friends who can directly choose the cake board, because the main cake base board is fast delivery, cheap price, but how to make the price cheap?

It's to save material (top material and bottom paper), save labor, so the price will be cheap. So although the edges of this cake base board are not covered, it is still very popular with customers. As long as you teach according to your aptitude, you can get something useful.

 The main difference between the three types of cake boards is that the edge of the cake base board is not covered, the edge of the cake board is covered, and the thickness of the cake drum is thicker. And according to the different materials, we can also be divided into several categories: corrugated cake base board, double gray cake base board, double gray cake board, MDF cake board, cake drum.

Their strength is basically better than one, the price is basically more expensive than one. The only special thing is that the MDF cake board is made of wood, so the hardness is stronger, but the thickness is up to 12mm, while the thickness of the cake drum can reach 24mm, so I put it last, but the price is not much lower than that of the cake drum actually. So you can also buy a little bottom in the heart, not a little don't understand.

What size of cake board does your cake fit into?

It's safe to buy a cake board that's at least two inches in diameter larger than the cake you're baking, and that's what we advise our clients to do. This will give you plenty of room to add more embellishments, such as jam, a birthday card, or a thank you card, and some colorful frosting to give the cake a plump texture and extra visual effect. So why not?

At present, we also have a lot of decorations for sale, such as birthday cards, thank you cards or cake ornaments and cake toppers, and can also help customize various patterns and logos. As long as you have any such needs, you can tell us, we are happy to help you to purchase and match, the overall calculation will be more cost-effective.

Because some customers just buy a few minimum orders, the price is often not that beautiful, but if you can expand your product and then bring the total product weight to a weight stage, the shipping portion can save you a lot of money. And if you can order a container of cabinets, not to mention.

So you can think about, you need so much of one product, you can't expand it, but you can find a way to add some other products, so you can expand your business infinitely vertically, right? So if you want to use a cake tray to match your decorations, you also need to consider the size of the decorations, add the size of the cake according to the decorations, and then determine the size of the cake board, rather than just considering the size of the cake.

In short, consider what kind of cake you want to make in advance, and then carve out a general outline in your mind, just like drawing. Slowly decorate it with more decorations, and it's done.

What shape of cake board does your cake fit into?

A cake board is usually purchased in the same shape as a cake. We have custom cake boards in a variety of shapes, including round, square, rectangle, petal, heart and hexagon.

No matter the shape, though, the cake board should be at least two inches in diameter larger than the cake you're baking.

There are no fixed rules about the size of the cake board. It all depends on the style, shape, size and weight of your cake.

Sometimes the cake board can become a feature or part of the design of the cake. other times it is purely practical and used as a base for the cake. Cake boards are also great for support and can help achieve a professional look, especially if this is your business. With our tips, you can avoid the kitchen foil covered cardboard look

 That's it. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly.

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