What is a cake board?

As people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, they also have more demands for cake boards for placing cakes.

In addition to the traditional cake drums, there are many other cake boards of other shapes and materials that have become popular on the market, which makes us to think about what is cake board and what are the uses and characteristics of different cake boards? So, let's find out one by one.

cake board

1.Cake drum

Cake drums is one of the most classical but popular design of the cake boards. Cake Drum are normally in 12mm thickness, some are 8mm, 10mm thickness, those are also acceptable. The cake drums are the most popular base for parties, celebration and wedding cakes. The main material is corrugated board, and the surface paper is foil paper, the bottom paper is white paper.

As for the edge craft, there are two different choice, wrapped edge or smooth edge, they are water proof and oil proof, since there is a protected film on the surface paper.

As for the colors, the most popular colors are silver and white, especially in Europe. The love the 12mm cake drums in glossy silver or white with grape pattern. But you can also customize the color such as pink, blue, green, red, purple, gold, black and multi-coloured patterns.

Cake Drums offer the strongest support for the cakes, and they can be decorated to match your cake by different colors and pattern. If your cake drum is smooth edge, you can also use a 15mm cake ribbons around the edge to decorate the board. Available shapes in round , square and rectangular ,heart etc, they can be purchased as 1pieces per pack for retail ,also can be in bulk packs of 5pieces or 10pieces per pack to save the package cost .5pcs per pack with shrinking wrapped is more normal in the market. If you sell them to the supermarket, you can also pack them as 1pcs per pack or 3pcs per pack to retail.

2.Cake base board

This is the fast moving products in the bakery shop, it is the most common and cheapest one in the market.

Normally we call it as “die cut style” cake board, as you can see, the edge are cut and sometimes it is smooth edge, sometimes it with the scalloped edge, you can make a mold as the shape you like, then use the machine to cut it.

The thickness is about 2-4mm in normal, thinner cake boards will be cheaper. We don’t recommend you make a too thick cut edge cake board, because it is difficult for the machine to cut the board over 5mm,it will be not good looking and damage the machine, and the cost will be more.

As for the size, the normal size is from 4inch-24inch,and pack as 20pcs or 25pcs per shrinking wrapped.

As for the colors, the normal color is gold, silver, white, and also can do colored boards such as black, pink, blue or other special patter such as marble and wooden pattern.

3.MDF board

There is a kind of cake board, it is very strong, but not very thick, it is MDF cake board, generally speaking, its thickness is 3-5mm. If you want to make a very thick similar to the cake drum, you can do it as 9-10mm thickness, but it will be very heavy, and the freight will be relatively high.

The more popular MDF board on the market is usually a matte white, especially favored by European customers. Of course, it can also be made into other colors, such as gold, black, silver, conventional textures such as grape, maple leaf, Lenny, rose can also be made. But some customers like custom printing, printing into a variety of special patterns, such as marbled, wood or grass, etc. Customers' logos can also be printed, and all kinds of customized services are acceptable.

Bakers like to use MDF for heavier cakes because it holds a lot of weight, such as parties, weddings, birthdays and so on. Of course light cake can also put. It is very beautiful and practical, basically all scenarios can be used. It's also strong and doesn't crush easily, so it can be reused. The material is also very environmentally friendly, which is loved by everyone. The only concern is that it's more expensive than a regular cake board, so it's not used as often as a cake board to save money. It's used in more formal situations.

5.Cake stand

We usually make some mini cake boards of small size to place desserts and mini cakes, etc. They do not need to be very thick, generally about 1mm thick, and there are many shapes to choose from, such as square, rectangle, circle, heart, triangle, etc., which can be matched with mini cakes of different shapes. As for the Color, generally gold is the most common, can also do silver and black. A small mini cake holder, can make our small cake look more beautiful.

In addition, the packaging is usually 100 pieces per pack. Some customers like to add their own bar codes on the outer packaging and sell them in their stores or websites. Tagging services are also available.

4.Mini cake base board

You can imagine that on a leisurely afternoon, when you are about to meet your friends for afternoon tea, what do you need most? I think you need a pot of tea, or a pot of coffee, and all sorts of delicious pastries, but to make the scene even better, you need a layered cake stand. It can easily help you to arrange the dessert problem.

When all kinds of delicious desserts are distributed on three or even four layers of cake stand, you can enjoy the delicious food with your friends and take pictures together, it is a wonderful thing.

It is made of double gray cardboard, can be made into a variety of colors and patterns, generally the first layer will be larger in diameter, the top layer of the smallest diameter. There is usually a decoration on the top.

In terms of packaging, it is usually used with opp bags and advertised cards, and there will also be a card head, which can be hung on the shelf hook of the supermarket for retail. It also has a low minimum order size, making it a great option for bakers who want to buy some to display in their stores.

There are many kinds of cake boards in the market, includes cake drums, cake base board, mini cake board, cake stand etc,if you know more designs about the cake boards, welcome to contact us.

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