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What do you need to pay attention to when buying cake board wholesale?Are you a home baker? Have you opened your own cake shop? Are you selling online? Are you an offline wholesaler?

No matter where you are in the baking market, I think this will interest you. When you purchase cake board, you should pay attention to the points.

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round cake base board
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1.Find a suitable and reliable supplier

Now with the development of the information age and the development of the Internet, as long as you connect to the Internet, there is no information that you cannot know.

Our current purchasing methods are becoming more and more convenient and the purchasing channels are becoming more and more diverse. Especially the arrival of the epidemic has spawned many new industries, especially online services, including online classes, online meetings, online shopping, etc. We can finalize a project without taking a long-distance plane to another country to attend a meeting, and we can evaluate the strength of suppliers without visiting factories.

The development of the information age has made our lives more convenient, but at the same time there are hidden dangers, because we have no way to visit the factory in person, so consumers will not know about some fraudulent situations. Therefore, the development of the Internet facilitates our shopping, but at the same time, it also encourages some people to take advantage of loopholes, so it is very important to find a suitable and reliable supplier.

Google is the first channel in China that enables overseas buyers to find suitable Chinese suppliers. After years of development, it has become a channel favored by overseas buyers to solve their procurement problems. They can find many high-quality suppliers on it, and every order is guaranteed by the platform. Any problem you can solve through platform appeal.

Sunshine is China Verified Supplier. It has been established for 10 years. We specialize in cake board wholesale & cake box wholesale. In Sunshine website, you can find all related products in the bakery industry. We are the cake borad and cake box manufacturers and we have our own factory and mould, we can customize any products as customer request for. We can provide the smallest MOQ to meet small businesses . As long as you search for cake box clear on the platform, there must be sunshine, because our quality has been verified by global buyers!


2.Pay attention to the hot product

When you are a wholesaler, the group that can determine whether you can make more profits is your retailer, and it is his end consumers who affect the retailer, so you must also learn more about consumer product preferences market feedback. Always pay attention to the popularity of products in different seasons and festivals to adjust the procurement plan.

For example, with the arrival of Christmas, you have to contact different manufacturers to plan and purchase in the first few months of Christmas, such as Christmas design cake board, Christmas ribbon, Christmas cupcake box,

Christmas mold, Christmas thank you card, etc. Customized products are produced, so you don't want to start scrambling to make purchasing plans when Christmas is just around the corner.

Now is the time to start paying attention to Valentine's Day-related themed products. You can visit our online store and contact our sales consultants, they will give you more advice and services about the products.

3. Understand the minimum order quantity of the product

MOQ mean minimum order quantity, I think MOQ is what you hear the most when you communicate with suppliers. When you want to customize some products, you will definitely ask the supplier MOQ. Sometimes MOQ is not the point that hinders the progress of suppliers and wholesalers , but when the factory is producing this product, the machine start-up cost, printing and typesetting cost, etc. need to reach a certain amount of product unit price to return to normal.

Otherwise, the cost of the product is far lower than the cost of machine sales. Allocate this part of the cost to the unit price of the product, so knowing the MOQ of the product is very helpful for you when purchasing. You can save some time discussing MOQ with the manufacturer.

Sunshine bakery packaging is not only facing wholesalers, retailers, but also consumers, so we can capture market signals well and give you some professional suggestions. We can give you the lowest MOQ requirements at wholesale prices, providing guarantee and support for you to start your business. We grow together with our customers. Many wholesalers gradually become larger from trial orders, and the quantity of purchases increases. Then the price support we can provide will also be greater.

4.Select your shipping agent

In addition to the product itself, the factors that affect the price are the transportation costs. You need to know whether the product you are buying is heavy or dumped, that is, the freight is calculated according to the weight of the product itself or the freight is calculated according to the volume weight of the product.

Cake board is relatively light in weight but relatively large in size, so the shipping fee is calculated according to volume weight, so you can purchase more types of products. There are many different styles of cake board, including cake drum, cake baseboard, MDF cake board , MD board is a cake board with better quality and better bearing capacity, suitable for multi-layer cakes, wedding cakes, etc. MDF is very suitable for custom printing, whether it is printing company logo or other specific patterns are very suitable.

Therefore, you can combine light cake drum and heavy MDF board when purchasing, which can make better use of space and save transportation costs.

Sunshine can provide DDP service. If you don't have your own shipping agent, we can provide you with transportation service. You can receive the goods without going outside to pick up the good.

Sunshine cooperate with quality shipping agents to ensure the safety, timeliness and more competitive freight rates to ensure that you can wholesale at a more competitive price.

This way, you can get more information before you make the purchase and make it smoother.


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