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With the development of the times, people's requirements for food are getting higher and higher. Not only the taste of food, but also the appearance, creativity and senses of food are changing with each passing day. Among the types of food, desserts are more popular among young people, and young people have better requirements for desserts.Therefore, in the era of dessert rolls, its derivative - food packaging. It has also become an indispensable part of adding extra points to desserts.
round cake base board
non slip cake mat
round cake base board
mini cake base board

How to choose the right packaging?

First find the product materials you need. For example, what types of boxes have multiple uses in your market? Generally, the style of the box follows the mainstream of the local market. At this time, you can look for mainstream styles of boxes in our product list. At the same time, among the popular styles online, you can take the risk of choosing 1-2 styles that are not common in the local market. At this time, you can look for the mainstream styles of boxes in our product list. Of course, among these 1-2 non-mainstream styles on the market, it is best to choose spot products and try them in small quantities.

 But if your market has a relatively large demand for boxes, you can add your own attributes to mainstream and non-mainstream styles, such as designing a trademark that is unique to you, or a specific box pattern or color. Excellent design style often leads to a wave of hot sales.

In addition to the material of the box, it is also the purpose of the box. Among desserts, the more common ones are cake boxes, cupcake boxes, triangular cake boxes, Bento boxes, Swiss rolls, etc. These are the more common desserts in dessert shops. But there are various box types for each variety, so how do I choose? This can be based on the common box types in your market. Some people like integrated boxes, some people like window boxes, and some people like split boxes. First locate the opening method of the box, and then filter the related box types.

What if there is no suitable style for you among our products? Any ideas on how to design a new type of box?

First of all, we are a cake box manufacturer, not a design company, so we cannot 100% satisfy everyone's ideas in terms of design. If we do not have the style you need among our products, you can focus on some special styles of boxes in the local market and send us the box styles you collected by express delivery, or provide the design drawings of the boxes. If you don't have a specific design style and don't have samples, we can provide similar box styles with some changes based on the original box. As long as the box type and size are determined, we can basically quote you based on your needs.

What design elements can be added to the new box?

First, you can add your LOGO on the box. The LOGO is provided to us by you, and it needs to be in PDF format, because this will make the LOGO pattern more accurate. The color and font of the LOGO need to be designed by you in advance.

Secondly, personalized patterns can be added to the box body, which can be spot color printing or four-color printing. If it is spot color printing, we usually recommend providing Pantone color numbers, which greatly reduces the chance of errors.

Thirdly, there are some accessories you can match together with box,such as ribbons, a mini bow to stick on, personalized stickers, all can add highlights to your box and attract peoples attention.

When buying a box, cake board is need to be matched. How do I match the size of the cake board with a box?

Our factory is professional. We usually set the material weight of the box based on the size of your box. Naturally, the larger the box, the thicker the cardboard material will be.

How do I choose the right cake board?

Generally speaking, cake board or cake drums are used for birthday cakes. First, you need to determine the size of the cake board. We generally define it this way:  an 8-inch board for a 6-inch cake,  a 10-inch board for an 8-inch cake, a 12-inch board for a 10-inch cake, and so on. When the size of the cake board is determined, we will determine the box bottom size based on the size of the cake board.

Some boxes on the market are made of very thin materials. How do I know what kinds of my customized box material needs?

This also needs to be based on the needs of the individual market. There are thick and thin cake boards. How to choose depends on the common needs of each country. Our cake boards are divided into two categories. The first category is the thick one which we called it cake drums, with a thickness of 12mm. From size 6inch-20inch. The material of it is corrugated board. And this is most of the people selected. the other 12mm thickness drums is corrugated board+strong board. The difference of the 2nd one is stronger. The price is also little expensive than the 1st one.

 The second category is the thin type which has 3 kinds. 1st is MDF cake board, the thickness option for MDF cake drums is 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm. 2nd is cardboard material, thickness opption is 1mm,2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm. 3rd is corrugated cardboard, thickness is 3mm which is the most cheapest one among all the cake board types.  

According to your market needs,tell us your request in details(types,size,thickness,color,quantity), then we can according to you information to do the quotation.

Can i also add my LOGO on the cake board?

Of course you can,  it is almost the same way as the cake box. If you have enough MOQ for the order, we can accept the customized order for cake board. The design for cake board is not only adding a LOGO, but can also be customized with your own printing. 

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