How to use a cake board?

cake board
cake board

If you're in the bakery packaging business, you probably love cake boards, but how are cake boards used?

1. Make a cake board

If you have never bought a cake board in a supermarket or bakery store, then you can try to make a cake board. The making of a cake board is very simple. We need to find a piece of cardboard, but the top of the cake board must be oil-proof and waterproof. The cake you make will not leak oil or water.

First of all, if the cake you need to make is 8 inches, then you make a 9-inch disc, which can be covered with grease proof paper on the top. Of course, the grease proof paper is disposable and can hold the cake.

Secondly, the tool you need to use is scissors, you need to cut off the excess part according to the circular shape, if there is an unsightly edge, you can trim it.

Finally, you have to use cream to test whether it is oil-proof, whether it will stick to the cake board, whether the surface of the cake board is slippery, and if it is slippery, the cake will not be easily dragged.

2. How to use the cake board

For beginners in the bake packaging business. Cake board is an unfamiliar and important product for them. Beginners can get cake boards from baking packaging suppliers.

They will provide different materials and recommend different materials according to the type of cake you make, such as: If you are making a small layer cake, then the 3mm thickness recommended for you is enough for the single layer corrugated type.

If you are an advanced cake baker, they need to make a multi-layer or large-size cake, then the baker should A strong cake board, MDF and 12mm thick cake support is required.

A round cake board, like the picture below, it is 3mm thick, 12 inches in diameter, generally bakery packaging suppliers will recommend you a 10-inch cake, you need a 12-inch cake board, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches or For larger ones, we need thicknesses of 3mm and 4mm. 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch cake boards are required, and only a thickness of 2mm is enough.

Unpack the shrink bag and check the appearance of the cake board for unusable stains and damage. Before use, be sure to wipe the side that touches the cake with a wet paper towel, and then wipe it again with a dry towel. Put it on the table for 2-5 minutes, then put the cake board on the turntable, first try the cake board can rotate with the turntable. If a novice baker makes a square cake, it is best to choose a square cake board.

If you are making a round cake, then it is best to choose a round cake board. Of course, the bakery packaging supplier will also provide a heart-shaped cake drum. , because more baking beginners emerge, they want to use their own design to make a unique cake, for their family, friends or colleagues.

Making a cake is a symbol of one's heart. Desserts can bring people a better life, and represent the love of the cake maker. They often put beautiful decorations on the cake, and there will be different themes on the cake.

Of course we As bakery packaging wholesalers, there will be different theme colors for cake boards, such as Halloween, we will launch cake boards with black, orange and gray themes, and cake theme styles with different designs, for example, customers will give us a Design and file with your own logo.

As a supplier of bakery packaging with more than 10 years of experience, we have produced hundreds of cake boards, sold to more than 90 countries, and now our products have more than 10 materials, this material is: compressed cardboard, corrugated cardboard, MDF wood materials, foam materials and plastic materials.

There are hundreds of textures, including customer-specific textures and logo embossing, as well as chrysanthemum textures and grape textures required in the United States.

The thickness is more extensive, there are 1mm salmon board, 2mm to 4mm double gray compressed cardboard, 12mm cake drum, 15-18mm cake drum, and the edge is wrapped.

This kind of edge is easy to operate for novices, the cream and cake embryos are easier to remove, and it can also be used for secondary use.


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