How to make a cupcake box template?

Hello, everyone, This is kent from Sunshine Bakery Packaging in China .We specialize in the production and sale of cake board and cake boxes with 10 years experience , and providing one-stop service for bakery packaging.In this issue, I want to introduce our cupcake box,Because hundreds of millions of paper cups are used all over the world every year.

How hole for cupcake box?

Usually ,we are used to size of  cupcake box that is 2 hole 4 hole 6 hole 12hole in market . So that four size of cupcake boxes is regular size .Why are 2 4 6 12 holes in paper cups more popular?

It is said that even number is an auspicious number, and it can share the joy of comparison with friends, thus gaining double happiness with friends. Of course, there are also odd paper cups, such as 1-hole paper cup box, 3-hole paper cup box, 5-hole paper cup box, 9-hole paper cup box, and so on. In particular, our factory, as an OEM, can help to customize the appearance, size, color and packaging of products

Cupcake Insert with Different Shape Designs
Transparent cupcake box

What shape for cupcake linner?

Which cupcake linner would you like? Welcome to leave me a message.

There are two diffirent structure of cupcake box.

Regard to cupcake liner, we have three kind of cupckae linner, one of the round cupcake linner, as following :

round cupcake linner

round cupcake linner

This round design is more popular ,the diameter is 6cm  which is regular size in market . Of course , if you need other size is ok, we can custom other size for customer .

Second shape is lemon shape cupcake linner , as following:

lemon shape cupcake linner

lemon shape cupcake linner

This lemon design is more popular ,the diameter is 6cm which is regular size in market . Of course , if you need other size is ok, we can custom other size for customer .

Finally shape, Gear-shaped cupcake linner, as following:

Gear-shaped cupcake linner

Gear-shaped cupcake linner

The Gear-shaped cupcake linner is adjustable size , min size 6cm, max size 7cm.

We have other special cupcake linner , as following :

special cupcake linner

special cupcake linner

This shape is square shape, base our customer requirement to customized shape , if you have other shape cupcake linner , you could send it to us , we can help you to producing this kind of cupcake linner.

The above two structure of cupcake box , In addition to the structural differences, price is different . If you need to one kind of cheap cupcake boxes, you could choose folding cupcake box ; If you want one kind of convenient cupcake boxes, you could choose stick cupcake box . All in all, base your requirment to purchase cupcake box , that is great.

What else can we put in cupcake box?

Regard to fold cupcake box ,we need to assamble it whem we need to use it . So there is one question, some customer don`t like assamble it , because they feel it is trouble , and waste their time. Another peaple  like fold box, they enjoy the pleasure of folding boxes. You could have a look picture of folding cupcake box , as following:

Stick cupcake box

Stick cupcake box

Another cupcake box is stick cupcake box, mean it don`t need assemble by people. You can use it directly when you use this cupcake box . Because 4 corners or 6 corners of stick box were stick by worker, which is convenient for customer . You could have a look picture of stick cupcake box , as following:

Folding cupcake box

Folding cupcake box

 If you only have cupcake box in your store , however you received one cake order today , do you need to order one cake box? Don`t worry, you only take off cupcake linner , cupcake box will become cake box . So you order that not only one kind of boxes, but two boxes.If you are considering to purchase one cake box, I suggest you can purchase cupcake box , because you can get two useage box .If you make some cupcake cake, you can use cupcake box , if you want to make one cake , you can use cupcake box , you only take off cupcake linner , let it to become cake box .Which it can help you save many cost.

Transparent box -handle cupcake box

Logo can be customized for cupcake boxes

More and more customer pursue custom brand, because own want what let their customer to remember their brand. So that their store will be more and more famous , and they can get more cutsomer and money. However, if you want to custom logo for you cupcake box ,firstly, you need to make one design for your logo, you can design one color logo, two color logo, three color logo and so on . Because different color logo have different price ,The more colors, the more expensive it is. And then, MOQ also will be increase , from 1000pcs to 3000pcs.

Can I custom other color cupcake box

Our factory offer to custom different color,if you want one yellow box is ok ,if you want Multicolored box is ok.Following the trend of Google shows that more and more customers prefer customized color cupcake boxes, and the sales volume in 2022 increased by 5% compared with 2021. If you are detail buyer , you can purchase some colorful cupcake box to sale your customer. If you are Amazon buyer, you can also purchase some colorful cupcake box and upload them to your website to sale .

Sources: Picture from Sunshine Packinway Bakery Packaging

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