How to decorate cake board?

Cake is something closely related to our daily life. When we meet with friends, organize birthday parties and throw other occasions, we always need a beautiful cake to make a special atmosphere,, so a beautiful cake will always need a beautiful cake board to decorate, in order to better highlight the characteristics of the cake. So the question is, how do you decorate the cake board? That's what we're going to talk about today.
round cake base board

1.Cake drum.

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round cake base board
mini cake base board

A cake drum is the common style of the cake board, it usually in 12mm thickness, there are also 6mm,8mm or 10mm thickness for using, but the 12mm is the most common thickness we use.

Generally, we will use the 1.2cm wide ribbon around the cake drum as decoration, which looks very nice, because the cake drum is usually a solid color, when it with different colors around the edge, it looks very nice.

In addition, the most basic decoration should be customized in the cake drum itself. Our common colors of the cake drum are gold, silver, white and black. Some customers can start the customization from the color of the surface paper. It makes people feel more comfortable. You can also customize some patterns such as grass, sea, marble, etc., which are also quite special and refreshing.

Of course, we will also do some decorations on the cake drum, usually with cream or icing to depict different designs. For example, for children, we can draw some cars, Disney princesses or Superman as decorations, which will attract children's eyes. You can mix colors, paint specific patterns and colors with a paintbrush or a nozzle, and make the whole thing look very vivid. Then start making your cake on the top, the cake shape and cake drum can have an overall design so that it looks more coordinated and creative.

If you want to add your own logo on the cake drum, it is also OK. You can add the logo on the edge or front of the cake drum through printing or bronzing, so that consumers can see your brand logo when they get your cake and deepen their impression of your brand. Moreover, the cake drum is more beautiful. After customers use it, they may keep it as decoration on the wall of their home. If they add the logo, they can basically see your logo often. 

2.Cake base board.

Cake base board is a relatively affordable cake board,it is very common,and the price is relatively cheap, which is the popular decorated choice by a lot of cake shop. So how do you decorate the cake board.

Generally, the size of the cake board is 6-20 inches, and it comes in all sizes. The thickness is between 2-4mm, small size cake base board generally does not need too thick board, but large size one needs a thicker board, in order to maintain the cake base board to be stable and not to shake, because the large board generally are used to put a larger cake, which requests higher bearing capacity.

Besides,the common colors of the cake base boards are gold, silver, white, black, and the surface treatment is generally without any texture,just plain gold or plain white.

 Of course, you can also do texture on the surface, such as grape pattern, rose patternlenny pattern etc., which are relatively popular. When you decorate the cake boards, you can add a little icing or cream or cookie crumbs to decorate the existing design cake base boards. You can use different colors and designs to express different themes, such as birthday party theme, Easter theme, Christmas theme, but it is OK. It needs to be decorated with paint mixed with cream.

And then, you can also decorate on the original material and design of the cake base board. For example, some customers like to print, stamp or emboss logo on the cake base board, which are also OK. Sometimes some decorations are made on the edge, such as making the smooth edge into a gear shape, which looks like a wave, which is also more special and beautiful.

Some of the more common ways to decorate a cake board are to press the surface of the cake board into a circle of coils and carve out measurements.

Whats more, you can also make some decorations on the shape of the cake base board, the common ones are round, square, rectangular, you can also make hearts or other shapes, which will make the whole cake board look more attractive. 

3.Mini cake base board

There are many cute small cake board for holding the Desserts and refreshments,we call them mini cake base board. They come with different shapes for decorating. Such as round, square, rectangle,heart,triangle and so on. Different shape boards match to different shape of desserts. We normally decorate it with a small handle which is easy for holding.And we also decorate the mini cake boards by different colors, normally it is gold, silver and black, but sometimes we also decorate that as one side in gold and the other side in black, it looks more elegant.

We normally pack them as 100pcs per set, and decorate a logo stickers on the surface,they looks so nice and many customers like them. Whats more, they are cheap and little space for shipping, that is why many people choose them.

In particular, You can also have a lot of ideas about the decoration of the cake board, whether it is from the shape, color, size, design, logo customization, or use your own painting ability to paint more patterns, all can be the beautiful way to decorate a cake board. You can also have more creative ideas, feel free to share and exchange with us.

We hope to provide you with more special and beautiful cake boards, which can better match your cake and make your cake more attractive.

At the same time, for wholesalers and retailers, we also hope to customize your own brand cake board for you. We can add your logo or do some decorations on the packaging, such as adding some color cards and stickers, to make it more convenient for you to sell.

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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