How to choose cake board size?
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There are no fixed rules about the size of the cake board you need. It all depends on the shape, size and weight and style of your cake which you would like to put on the cake board. Sometimes the cake board can become a special characteristic or part of the design of the cake, while other times it is just for practical and used as a background for the cake. Cake boards can also be a great support for you to hold the cake and can help you look more professional, especially if it's your business. With our kind tips, you don't need to worry about how big the board needs to choose for your cake. Actually, it’s so easy, just to finish reading the article.

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For Regular cakes

First of all, if you know how big the cake you would like to make, you can directly confirm what size the cake board you can use for the cake. However, if you don’t know what size the cake is, you can use the ruler to measure. If you only make regular cakes and don't need to add other designs, as a basic guide, you can choose a cake holder that is 1 to 2 inches larger than the cake.

In addition, you may need to consider what shape of the baking pan you have now, and then determine the shape of the cake tray. Basically, it is not cost-effective to change the baking pan, so it is best to change the shape of the cake tray if possible. These are to be considered in advance, so as to avoid the waste of buying the wrong one.

But if you buy in the local area, you should still be able to help you replace it, but if the overseas purchase, return or exchange is very inconvenient. Therefore, we generally advise customers to adjust their needs according to the actual situation. If you need any assistance, you can also suggest it to us.

For example, test the load-bearing or oil-proof, water-proof function of the cake base. What we worry about most is not that the customer has requirements, but that the customer does not have requirements. However, when we receive the goods, we find that there is a problem. This is what worries us most.

For Special Cakes

For a particular cake, I mean you're going to have to do a little bit more design on the top of the cake and for this type of cake, you're going to have to think about how much space you want to use for the design, like how much text you want to add or how much decoration you want to add.

If there is a ruler, it is advisable to measure it, and it may be better to choose a cake board at this size that is slightly larger than originally suggested to make room for them. It's important to note that the cake doesn't always have to be in the center of the cake base, you can adjust it according to the design you want to make.

If you don't have enough space, you can move the cake back a little bit, as long as you have enough space to handle it, and then you can use the front space for whatever decoration you want to make.

For Sponge Cakes

Sponge cakes are much lighter than other cakes, so we recommend using a thin cake board so as not to interfere with the use of the cake. Such as: double gray cake base board and thin MDF cake board. It is also best to choose a cake base about 2 inches larger than the sponge cake. If you have a novelty or irregular shape cake, choose a larger size cake base. Fruitcakes are very heavy, often weighing several kilograms. For this case, we recommend using drum plates, which can help you hold very heavy loads of cake, up to 11kg.

For Tiered Cakes

For layered cakes, we suggest that you can choose a cake board about 1 inch larger than the bottom cake. Of course, you also need to choose the right cake board according to different styles. keep the size differences consistent for each layer. For this type of cake, we highly recommend using corrugated cake drums and MDF cake boards to support the cake.

Because the thickness of the corrugated cake board can even reach 24mm, the size can also reach 30 inches. On the other hand, the MDF cake board is very textured and strong, and if you use it, you don't have to worry about the risk of the cake board splitting straight down the middle if it's too heavy.

If you want your boards to be shown to more people or used for more design, for example, a 4-layer cake with an 8,10, 12 and 14 inch cake, it's suggested that you choose 10, 12, 14 and 16inch boards, each 2 inches larger than each cake.

For cake boards, there are many different styles on the market. We also have many different styles on sale. You can try to get different styles to have a look at first if you are new to doing bakery or just would like to sell cake boards.

You can come to our homepage to learn more about information.

If there are still customers who want to replenish stock, we still have some cake drums available for spot sale. For example, corrugated cake board, MDF cake board and double gray cake board are available in stock. If necessary, please hurry up, because the CNY holiday is coming. There are only a few days left for us to negotiate the order and help deliver it.

Thank you for your patience in reading the whole article. If you have any interests, please don’t forget to leave any message to our email or other contact information. It’s very good if you can do that. Looking forward to receiving your early reply. Hope you found this article useful. If you have any mistakes or suggestions, ALSO please feel free to leave a comment. 

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