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SunShine Packinway Cake Board Baking Packaging Wholesale Manufacturer Factory is a professional enterprise engaged in the manufacture, wholesale and sale of cake boards, baking packaging and related products. SunShine Packinway is located in an industrial park in Huizhou, Guangdong, China, covering an area of tens of thousands of square meters, with a building area of thousands of square meters, modern production lines and equipment, and nearly a thousand employees.

Entering the gate of the factory, the first thing that catches the eye is the well-organized parking lot and the spacious and bright lobby. In the lobby, there are reception, display area and office area, as well as display cabinets displaying various bakery products and samples, so that visiting customers can learn about the company's products and services while waiting.

Our production workshop is on the second floor. When you enter the production workshop, the first thing you see are several high-speed production lines. The workers on the production line wear uniform work clothes, carefully operate the machines and equipment, and produce various specifications and models. Cake boards and bakery wrappers. The air in the whole workshop is fresh, the equipment noise is low, and the working environment is comfortable.

In the corner of the SunShine Packinway production workshop is an automated packaging production line, which automatically completes the product packaging and packaging process, and automatically sends the packaged products to the warehouse. Various specifications and models of cake boards and baking packaging are neatly placed in the SunShine Packinway warehouse, and the labels are clearly visible, which is convenient for customers to choose and purchase.

On the other side of our factory, there is a quality inspection laboratory with advanced technology. The laboratory is equipped with a number of high-precision instruments and equipment, which can conduct comprehensive testing and analysis of product quality to ensure that product quality meets national standards and customer requirements. In the laboratory, there is also a microbiological testing room, which can conduct microbiological testing on products to ensure the hygiene and safety of products.

In addition to production and quality inspection equipment, the factory also has a spacious meeting room and multiple offices where staff can meet and work. In addition, the factory also has a staff canteen and dormitory to provide convenient living and working conditions for the staff.

SunShine Packinway has strict management systems and processes. Every employee must operate in accordance with the prescribed workflow to ensure product quality and production efficiency. The factory also pays attention to the training and skill improvement of employees, and regularly organizes various training and learning activities to allow employees to continuously improve their skills and knowledge.

In conclusion, SunShine Packinway cake board baking packaging wholesale manufacturer factory is a large-scale enterprise with advanced equipment, strict management and high-quality employees. In the future development, SunShine Packinway factory will continue to devote itself to improving the quality of products and service level to meet the needs and expectations of customers.

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