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We carry a wide selection of bakery supplies,cake packaging,Cake Board,cake boxes,pie boxes,bakery box,cupcake packaging and general supplies needed for retailing bake goods. Look below to find the best category for bakery that will help you meet your needs.

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bakery packaging supplies

Bakery Packaging Suppliers

Our Story

Melissa, a young mother with her passion for baking and love for her family, has devoted herself into baking packaging industry and set up PACKINWAY 9 years ago. Started as a manufacturer for cake board and cake box, now PACKINWAY has become a one-stop supplier offering full service and full range of products in baking. In PACKINWAY, you can have customized baking related products including but not limit to baking moulds, tools, deco-ration, and packaging. PACKINGWAY aim to provide service and products to who love baking, who devote into in baking industry. Fromthe moment we decide to cooperate, we start to share happiness. During the passing 2020, we’ve suffered a lotfrom the epidemic. virus might bring anxiety even depression to us,but also leaving more timeto spend with our family. In this significant year, PACKINGWAY kept developing baking products and service, and also started to engageinkitchenware and houseware. We, PACKINGWAY, will continue to bring a happy, easy life style to everyone.

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Bakery Packaging

The Leading Baking Products Supplier In China

Looking to develop your own unique bakery packaging? Here, we help to customize one that stands up to your target audience. Our packaging extends to boards,boxes and tools. Most importantly, they are food-contact safe, durable.Wholesale Our Disposable Bakery Supplies For All of Your Baking Needs · Cake boards,Cake Boxes and Bakery Boxes.

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cake board & boxs

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Bakery Box

Making The Packaging Process Simple

We sort our products into a variety of different categories,so whether you’re looking for cake board or Bakery box,for colored paper or cardboard boxes, or any other paper and packaging products you can imagine,you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. Once you’ve made your selection and placed your order,we’ll then work to ship it out to you as rapidly as possible. If you’re looking for bakery packaging suppliers that will make it affordable and simple to box up your baked goods in style, PACKINWAY is your one-stop supplies manufacturers for everything you need.

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