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Cake drum is a kind of cake board, mainly made of corrugated cardboard or foam board, which can be made into different thickness, usually made of 6mm (1/4inch) or 12mm (1/2inch) thick. Together with a MDF cake board, a thick cake can be loaded. This article will from several points to analyze how to choose the right cake drum.

What material is used for the cake drum?

We usually use a corrugated board plus wrapping material. Different edges are made of different materials, and the wrapping material on the smooth edge will be thicker than that on the wrapped edge. In addition, we will add wrapped paper to the part of the edge, so as to strengthen the height of the cake drum and prevent the cardboard on the edge from collapsing due to pressure or impact.

So some customers will wonder why the smooth edge cake drum is more expensive than the wrapped edge cake drum, and that's the reason. And the smooth edge cake drum is more convenient to use, because some customers like to use ribbon to wrap the creases around the edge of the cake drum, so as to make it more beautiful. I think these customers will find the smooth edge cake drum very helpful and can't put it down.

Although all by corrugated board do have a lot of customers like the inner core, but considering the UK local like heavier materials used to make cake drums and some customers want heavier experience, we improved the practice, with the 6 mm double gray cardboard with 6 mm corrugated board plus wrapped paper is expected to make it more solid, more heavier cake drums, We can also call it a hard cake drum or a strong cake drum.

After the improvement, many customers responded very well, and also in the previous order volume increased a lot. If any customer wants to have a try, you can just consult with us directly and take a sample to check the quality. I believe you will like it very much.

Besides, you can also choose the cake drum made of foam board material. The cost of this kind of cake drum is lower than that of corrugated materials and hard materials, so if you just want to bear some light cakes, this cake drum can be the first choice.


When is a cake drum appropriate?

When you're at a wedding or in front of a display at a cake shop, do you notice what kind of cake board is placed under the cake? The most I think put in are definitely cake drums and MDF cakes, because they're really good for load-bearing wedding cakes and multi-layered cakes.

If you haven't seen it before, it's hard to imagine that a cake of that size would only need a 12mm drum or a 9mm MDF to hold it. We have also tested that a 10-inch, 12mm cake drum can support 11kg dumbbells. However, due to the limited number of dumbbells, we cannot test how many dumbbells it can support, but it is strong enough. 

So said to when to use cake drum, in fact, there is no specific occasion to use it, but it is recommended to use it on some occasions, such as weddings, parties and special festivals. But it is best to adjust according to the weight of your cake. If you often have to bear heavy cakes, you can buy more cake drums. If you only have some light cakes, you can buy less cake drums in case you need them sometimes.


What size and thickness can corrugated drums be made?

We can make all the sizes circulating in the market, from 4 "to 30", cm or inch. Orders composed of different size matches, the price will be different, because we have fixed size materials to buy back, and then we need to cut it to the size that we're going to use later. For example, the price of 11.5 inch and 12 inch can vary widely, because in the original material it can cut more 11.5 inch than 12 inch, so it can save more material.

About the thickness, we can do from 3mm to 24mm, they are almost the multiple of 3, and 6mm and 12mm in common.

We also need to add the wrapping material, so the finished product would be a little thicker than the original 12mm, that basically you are hard to find in the market are exactly the same thickness of cake drum, but I think that the client will not to tangle such a little thickness, because many customers are very satisfied with the cake drums that we sold to them before, if there are a lot of customer feedback the thickness need to achieve a fixed thickness, we also can try to adjust.

Products should be born according to customer needs, we should change according to customer needs, and look forward to creating more differences in the future.


The choice of size and thickness is also related to the size and weight of the cake you place. For example, if you want the cake drum to place the 10 inches and 4kg cake, you can choose the 12mm and 11inch cake drum, but if you want to place the more than 28 inches and 15kg cake, you'd better choose the thicker and 30inch cake drum.

If you're still not sure how thick or heavy the drum should be, you can take samples and test them. It's better for both parties.

Why choose cake drum?

In a word, the cake drum is actually the best type of cake board to use. What you need to consider most is how to use it more cost-effective, because no matter how heavy the cake is, the cake drum can help you to bear the weight, just need to choose the corresponding thickness and size.

However, due to the limitation of the thickness of other cake boards, the thickness of some cake boards can only reach 5mm or 9mm, so it is difficult to bear heavier cakes. If you're on the fence about buying a cake drum, get some samples to test first. 

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