What to use as a cake board?

Cake board is a very familiar friend for people who love baking. Almost every cake can't live without a cake board. A good cake board not only plays the role of carrying the cake, but also can give you the icing on the cake.

Some people even like to make cake board by themselves.On it, you can customize the patterns and words you want, your name and your special wishes. After all, cakes are used for special occasions, which bring happiness and happiness to everyone.

If you run your own cake shop, you can also print your company logo, shop logo and so on on the cake board, which will be a great way of marketing.

So, do you know what materials cake board is mainly made of?

round cake base board
non slip cake mat
round cake base board
mini cake base board

Corrugated paper material

Cake drum

Corrugated paper is the main material of the most common cake board on the market. A layer of corrugated paper is about 3mm-6mm thick. The most common cake board made with corrugated paper on the market. People usually call it the cake drum, because it is 12mm thick. Its thickness and appearance are just like a drum, so it is called the cake drum. The 12mm cake drum consists of two layers of 6mm corrugated paper, which is the material inside it. As for the outside, it's wrapped in aluminum foil, which is waterproof and oil-proof and provides good protection. In terms of color, the most common colors are gold and silver aluminum foil, as well as white, and if you want other colors, there are many options.


As for the choice of edge, there are wrapped edge and smooth edge, both of which have their own advantages. wrapped edge is the edge of the most original cake drum. Some customers will wrap the edge with ribbon to achieve a beautifying effect because they care about the unsmoothness of the edge. Later, people didn't want to go the extra mile to process the cake drum, so subsequent processes were improved to produce a smooth edge, which is smooth and loved by many people.In terms of price, wrapped edge is cheaper, because the technology and materials of the two are different. You can choose different edges according to your budget and preference.

Cake base board

The cake board made of corrugated paper also has another one with smaller thickness, usually 3mm, which is cheaper than 12mm. It is generally used to bear small cakes and single-layer cakes with lighter relative weight. Because the thickness of this model is small, users can throw it away without worrying about waste, and it is cost-effective. This process is also directly cut by machine, and can be made gear edge.

At sunshine bakery packaging company, you can buy the size and color you want with the smallest MOQ. Because here, we provide customized services for individual customers, small MOQ, instant delivery inventory, and other product matching procurement services, is a lot of individual users and bakery shop love!

Grey paper material

Grey paper is a kind of material obtained by compression process. The main process of making cake board is to die cut by machine, so its price is cheaper than cake drum and its production cycle is faster than cake drum. Its main thickness is 2mm/3mm, although the thickness is small, but the load-bearing capacity is very strong. A 12inch 3mm cake board can hold a minimum of 10kg. It uses a machine to cut the edge of the gear, and can also be indentation on the surface, the main special process can be convenient for users to use different sizes of cake.

Another cake board with a different process is called DOULE THICK CAKE BOARD. Its main material is Grey paper, but another layer of coating is added on the surface and the edge is covered, which is of better quality and more waterproof and oil-proof, so it is more expensive than the ordinary directly cut cake board without covered.

In addition, Grey paper is also the main material for making Mono Pastry Board. Also call "Mini cake boards" it's special for little cakes like mousse cakes, cheese cakes,  different kind desserts,which covered by plain gold/silver color PET,or can emboss the different color pattern and emboss logo.

The surface of Grey paper is very suitable for logo printing design or logo embossing design. If you want to print colorful patterns, you can choose DOULE THICK CAKE BOARD. You can design logo in a circle or in a full plate, and the effect will be very good.

Sunshine bakery packaging offers a wide range of custom products, as well as product design services. If you are doing custom printing for the first time, don't worry, we have plenty of experience and examples for you to refer to.

MDF board material

Masonite cake boards are made of natural ingredients masonite and wooden full size sheet MDF cake boards. They are strong enough for heavier cakes. This material is very hard and sounds like a wooden board when struck. It is very popular with customers in Australia and some European countries. It is of good quality and can withstand heavier cakes, especially multi-layer cakes and wedding cakes, and is suitable for colour or custom printing. At sunshine bakery packaging, you can make a variety of custom designs. MOQ only sells 500 designs per size. The most common thickness is 5mm 6mm, which you can choose according to your preferences and needs.

Therefore, the above three materials, corrugated paper, MDF board and grey paper, are mainly used to make cake board. 

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All kinds of materials have their own advantages. Each country and region has relatively popular and popular styles. If you run a bakery packaging company you can look at trends and market data. If you just start to enter this market and you don't know much about the market, don't worry at all. Sunshine bakery packaging is not only a product manufacturer, but also your product consultant. We have rich experience in the market and choose sunshine to avoid detours in your business.

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