What kind of cake board should you use for a wedding cake?

Every girl will dream of having a grand wedding. The wedding will be covered with flowers and various decorations. Of course, there will be a wedding cake. If you just click into this article through the wedding cake entry, you may be disappointed. I want to focus on the choice of cake holders, not wedding cakes. But if you are a baker or maybe you would like to make a wedding cake by yourself, I think this article should be helpful to you. 

At the beginning, you need to consider what kind of cake to do. It is fancy or simple and generous. In fact, now the wedding cake doesn't need to be as fancy as before. Most brides like simple and generous, so if you are a novice, wanting to make a wedding cake is not so difficult, because the requirements of cake support are not so high; otherwise,for bakers who still want to create complex piped-in wedding cakes, we have cupcakes that we can supply. It's not that difficult for us to provide holes to be punched in the boards and tubes to be inserted into the holes.

How to choose the right cake board

How to choose the right cake board is another step that needs to be determined after determining the tone of the wedding cake. In the previous articles, we sometimes mentioned which cake boards will be suitable for wedding cakes, but there are still many details we need to consider. In addition, according to the calculation of how many people will attend your wedding to determine how many layers of cake to do, if you do 4 layers, the top layer is 6 inches, can serve 10 people to enjoy, the second layer is 8 inches, for 20 people, the third layer is 10 inches, for 30 people, the bottom is 12 inches, for 45 people. If you're simple, you don't need more cake boards to hold the cake on each layer, just place the top cake on top of the bottom cake. When it comes to pipe cakes, you need to think about what kind of cake boards to use with this cake. Material, size, color and thickness are all factors to consider.

round cake base board
non slip cake mat
round cake base board
mini cake base board


The selection of materials from the wedding cake bottom and top 2 layers need to support the weight of the whole cake to consider, generally recommended to choose cake drum and MDF, cake drum thickness is thicker, MDF hardness is better. As for the top layer, you can choose a double gray cake base board, which is stronger than the corrugated cake base board.

In addition to corrugated board and MDF board, you can also try acrylic cake boards or other materials, but compared with these materials, we think paper cake boards will be safer and more reliable. But as long as it is used properly, there should be no big problem in choosing food grade cake boards. In terms of price, paper cake boards should also be more cost-effective. At present, we also have many spot cake boards for sale. If you have any demand, you can consult us as soon as possible, so as to avoid short selling, you have to wait for production.


For a single layer cake, we would suggest a cake board that is 2 inch larger than the cake to support the cake, but for a wedding cake, it is better that the cake board of the top layer is about the same size as the cake, and for the bottom layer, you can still choose a cake board that is 2 inches larger than the cake to support the cake. Cake drums and MDF come in a variety of sizes, so if you're not doing a multi-layer cake, but you still want to make a cake that can serve 75 people, you can try a 30-inch single layer cake, using either a drum or MDF.


About color matching, or tell us what color cake you want to make, and we will help you decide what color cake tray to choose. If the color is well matched, it is just like clothes. Even if the cake is not so delicious, it can be sold at a good price. Color matching is also a relatively deep knowledge, which is what we need to learn all the time.

Generally, white cake can choose silver, or blue cake board, color matching will be better. If you choose the smooth silver cake board, there is refraction, it will appear more classy cake. Although many customers think that the smooth surface will be easy to slip, in fact, it is the use of the problem, not because of the smooth surface will be easy to slip. Of course, we also recommend the use of matte finished, matte one will look more advanced, especially matte face white MDF. We like to recommend customers to buy, and it can also be used as other decorations, not just to withstand the cake.


The bottom layer if you choose cake drum, it is recommended to choose 12mm and above thickness. If it is an MDF cake board, it is recommended to choose 6mm and above thickness. You can choose the thickness of the upper several layers according to the estimated weight of the cake, and the top layer can choose 6mm corrugated cake drum or 3mm MDF cake board. Of course, that's for those wedding cakes that need to be elevated. For a large single layer cake, choosing a 12mm cake drum or 6mm MDF cake board is ok.

 In a word, the choice of cake base is mainly related to the weight and size of the cake, and also take into account the design of the cake. As long as you take these into account, basically nothing will go wrong.

Hope this article can give you some guidance on the way to baking. If there is any improper, looking forward to your receiving any feedback.

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