What Cake Board Size to Use?

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When you are preparing to make a cake, in addition to choosing the taste and decoration of the cake, it is also crucial to choose the correct size of the cake base. Using the correct cake base size will not only make your cake look better, but it will also ensure that your cake has enough structural support.

However, choosing the correct cake base size can be a bit confusing for many people. In this article, we’ll share some basic guidelines and practical tips on how to choose a cake base size to help you make the right choice when making your cake.

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What are basic guidelines and practical tips for choosing a cake board size

The basic guidelines and practical tips for choosing the size of the cake base refer to some basic principles and practical tips that need to be followed when choosing the cake base to ensure that the selected cake base is suitable for the size and weight of the cake, so as to ensure the stability and aesthetics of the cake.

These principles and tips include considering factors such as the size, shape, weight, number of layers, and complexity of the cake decoration, and then choosing the appropriate cake base size based on these factors. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the thickness and material of the cake base to ensure that it can bear the weight of the cake and remain stable.
If it is not chosen properly, it may cause problems such as instability, deformation or cracking of the cake. Therefore, choosing the correct cake base size is very important and is one of the key steps in making delicious and beautiful cakes.

So how to choose? Please see our suggestions below

  • Know the size of the cake

Before choosing a cake board size, you need to know the size of your cake. Measure the diameter and height of the cake, this will help you choose the correct size. Usually, you will want to choose a cake board that is slightly larger than the diameter of the cake to ensure that the cake will have enough support.

  • Choosing the Proper Cake Board Size

Choosing the correct size cake board can have several advantages. First, a properly sized cake board can provide a stable support for the cake, preventing it from warping or tilting. Second, a cake board of the correct size will give the cake a nice, organized look rather than being incongruous because the board is too small or too large. In the end, the correct size cake board can help cooks to more easily decorate and decorate cakes, making it easier to create the perfect cake.

Here are some common cake sizes and recommended cake board sizes:

6-inch cake: use an 8-inch cake board
8-inch cake: use a 10-inch cake board
10-inch cake: use a 12-inch cake board
12-inch cake: use a 14-inch cake board
Of course, this is just a general recommendation, if your cake is taller or heavier, you may need to choose a larger cake board.

Choose the right size, SunShine Packinway wants to help you more

Choosing the correct cake board size is critical to creating the perfect cake. You need to know the dimensions of your cake and choose the proper size cake board to ensure the cake is stable and has enough support. Hope the tips above help you choose the right cake board size for your cake size.

If you need more information about cake board sizes, or how to choose the cake board size that suits your specific needs, our professional team is ready to help and answer you.

Please send an email to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible and provide you with a complete consulting service. We also provide preferential schemes for wholesale purchase of cake boards to meet your different needs. Looking forward to working with you!

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