How to choose cake board?

The cake board is the basis of making a cake. A good cake can not only give good support to the cake, but also add a lot of points to the cake virtually. Therefore, choosing the right cake board is also very important.

We have introduced many types of cake boards before, but have not carefully introduced the applicable scenarios of different types of cake boards. This article will introduce them in detail.

Cake Base Board

cake board (10)
cake board (6)

The main feature that distinguishes this cake board from other cake boards is simply that the edges of the board are not covered with paper, and the color layer is added to the raw material.

Therefore, compared with other cake boards, its oil-proof and water-proof ability is certainly no other strong, as long as the water or oil flows to the side, the board will have the risk of being soaked, so in use also need to pay extra attention to avoid such situations.

You may think that this cake board is not expensive. It doesn't matter if it breaks, but with a little attention, it will last longer and make the money more worth it, so why not? Also, because it is not expensive, the general retail stores sell the whole package, and our minimum wholesale order quantity is relatively higher than that of other cake boards.

For example, corrugated cake boards only need 500 pieces per size, while this one needs 3000 pieces per size. Although the quantity is large, the price is actually very affordable. Because a lot of labor costs and materials are less, so even if the quantity is large, the price will not be higher than the corrugated cake drum.

At present, we have two kinds of materials to make this cake board, one is a corrugated board, the other is a double gray board.

cheap cake base board
mini cake base board

For corrugated cake base board, we can do 3mm and 6mm, these 2 thicknesses. 3mm can be used to put 2kg cake, 6mm can be used to put heavier cake, but can not be used to put heavy cake, also because of the characteristics of this material, corrugated board has its own grain. If you want to put heavy cake, it will be bent a lot.

For a double gray cake base board, we can do 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and more. The 1mm double gray cake base board you also can use to hold the salmon, take 1 side gold and 1 side silver, just according to your own preferences. The material of this cake board is harder than that of corrugated cake board. You can use it to bear the weight of a 4-5kg cake. Of course, heavier cakes also need to be supported with a thicker cake board, which is the best.

Cake Drum

This one is also made of corrugated material and we have mentioned it in many articles. I believe that many people have used this kind of cake drum, but the thickness is mostly 1/2 inch. In fact, we can make many thicknesses, not just one thickness.

However, most of them need to conform to the characteristics of the material, because the corrugated substrate starts from 3mm, so we make this cake board mostly around the multiple of 3mm, the special thickness is 8mm and 10mm, their materials will be slightly different.

They are great for carrying heavy cakes, wedding cakes and layered cakes. However, 3mm and 6mm are not recommended. They are the same thickness as corrugated base board, but we add another layer of film to cover the edges and bottom, so it will appear thicker and not too thin. Other thicknesses are very strong. We have tested 12mm, which can even support 11kg dumbbells without bending at all.

Therefore, for some shops specializing in making wedding cakes, we recommend trying the corrugated cake drum. With a corrugated cake drum, you can get rid of the worry that the cake drum will be damaged because it cannot bear the heavy cake, and you don't need to stack several not very thick cake boards to hold a heavy cake and then the cake will fall out of your hands. Thus, it is a very good product with no worries after use.

cake board (16)

MDF cake board

This is a very strong board, because the board with some wood material inside, so it is very strong and reliable. The 11kg dumbbell only needs 9mm to support, which is less than 3mm compared with the 12mm corrugated cake drum, so you can imagine how strong and sturdy it is. So it's also the main force of heavy cakes, tiered cakes and wedding cakes. In addition to 9mm, we can also make 3mm to 6mm, a total of 5 thicknesses.

It is often compared with a double gray cake tray. Double gray cake board is made of double gray base board with wrapped paper and bottom paper. It is lighter than MDF cake board and its bearing capacity is worse than MDF, but it is also a good replacement for MDF cake board. This has always been our practical knowledge.

In general, for thickness, you can choose thicker boards for larger sizes; for the size of a cake board, no matter what the material, it is best to choose a cake board that is two inches larger than the cake, so that you can add some decoration around the cake and make your cake look more beautiful. For decorations, you can also take some thank you cards, thank you stickers, etc. from us and put them in the extra space on the cake board. You can also put syrup or other decorations.

This article wrote a lot of useful little knowledge. I hope to give you some reference suggestions, but still practice out of true knowledge. In fact, more than a few times, there will be experience to know how to choose the right cake board. I just need to brave the first step, then it will be more and more smooth. We also wish you can harvest more sweetness and happiness on the road of baking.

Looking forward to meeting you next time. That’s all.

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