How to assemble cupcake box?

Assembling cupcake boxes is relatively simple, requiring only a few steps. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to assemble a standard cupcake box:

When you get the goods from Chinese suppliers, they may be folded and packaged, not assembled, we have many kinds of cupcake boxes, for example, we have 1-hole cake box, 2-hole cake box, 4-hole cake box, 6 Hole cake box, 12-hole cake box, 24-hole cake box, these cake boxes have different methods, so there will be different assembly methods.

Multi-size cupcake box
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How to assemble?

2 holes Cupcake box
4 holes cupcake box
6 holes cupcake box

If it is 1-hole and 2-hole, the bottom of the box is buckled, so that it is easy to assemble, and the assembly can be completed by missing the edge directly. Due to their small size, whether it is portable or not, the 1-hole and 2-hole cake boxes are glued together, you don’t need too many steps to assemble, just glue them together and open them directly to complete the assembly.

4-hole cake box, 6-hole cake box and 12-hole cupcake box are divided into two categories, one is assembled cupcake box:


Step One: Place the flat box on a clean, flat surface, the side that will become the top facing down.

Step Two: Fold the four sides of the box over along the crease lines.

Step Three: Take the two smaller side wings and fold them inwards so they meet in the middle of the box.

Step Four: Fold the two larger wings inward so they overlap the smaller wings and meet in the middle of the box.

Step Five: Insert the tabs into the slots provided to secure the flaps in place.


There is also a discount-free cake box, how did he assemble it? This product is also relatively simple.

When you receive it is folded, the pop-up box is easier, the pop-up box has 6 glued corners

For the First Step : Flip open

For the second Step: Open the Side Wings

For the Third Step: Let the wings support up, and the cake box will pop out automatically

For the Forth Step: Then fill in the inner liner of the cupcake box, so that the lock is closed again, if there is no lock, directly close the lid of the product.

Use a non-skid shelving liner in the bottom of the container to keep the cupcakes from moving around. Put the cupcakes in the container so they are just touching each other on the sides. Make sure the box is deep enough so when you put the lid on, the frosting on the top of the cupcakes does not touch the lid.

What is a lock corner box?

It's a paperboard bakery box that you assemble using interlocking tabs, versus using glued corner or pre-assembled boxes.

They're available in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and with or without windows.

How are they different from other boxes?

The advantages of these boxes are that they ship flat for lower shipping costs

The design is simple, so they're easy to manufacture, which means they're a great value for a low cost

They can be stored as flat boxes, or can be pre-folded and nested to save valuable inventory space


They're sturdier and more secure than other types of boxes


The Disadvantages are that they'll require some assembly, and are more time consuming to construct

You'll need to use tape to secure the sides for the best looking box.

So to assemble these boxes, there are 3 main steps

For the First Step  - Crease the panels before folding. This will make it easier to assemble. Crease the main panels first, then the side tabs.

For the Second Step - Lock the corners. Fold the top up and insert the side tabs into the slots on the side panel. It's easier if you start with the corners closest to the hinge.

For the third Step - Tuck and Tape. Tuck the front tab into the slot on the lid, and use tape to secure the sides

You could also tuck the lid side panels inside of the box, but this exposes the lock-corners which doesn't look as nice, and you could damage your product.

As a quick recap, that's:

Crease the Panels

Lock the corners

Then Tuck and tape

Your cupcake box should now be fully assembled and ready to use.

If your box has inserts for cupcakes, insert them into the box before adding the cupcakes.

Add your cupcakes, making sure they fit in the slots or cups.

Close the top of the box and secure it in place with any tabs or closures provided.

If your products and cake boxes are not of this type, your supplier will provide you with assembly videos or instructions, so that you can provide some usable methods, like 1-hole cupcake boxes, their materials and assembly methods It is all for the convenience and ease of assembly for customers, so the left and right wings of the design are buckled together and rotated directly.

If you still feel that it will loosen or fall off after the assembly is completed, then the sealing sticker is necessary. This sticker is your logo, and the company name and website can be printed on the sticker. A roll of stickers is very cheap.

You can use it for a long time after buying it once, so that you are not only sticking it on the cupcake box, but on other cake boxes or iron boxes.

That's it! Your cupcakes should now be safely stored in their boxes, ready to be shipped or stored.

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