A Comprehensive Guide to Cake Boards and Cake Boxes

As a manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier in the bakery packaging industry, we stand in the customer's point of view and have compiled an article about ---- "The first purchase of bakery packaging products, cake boxes and cake boards Buying Guide, what problems do you need to pay attention to? " That is to say, about purchasing a cake board for the first time, in addition to some basic information you need to know, you can learn some more professional information in this article to help you better choose the baking packaging products that suit you.

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1. What is the difference between the names of Cake board and cake drum?

Cake board is a general term for cake trays, which is a big word.

Cake drums are generally called 6mm, 12mm, 15mm thick, and are often called in Europe and America.

2. What are the main styles of cake boards?

Thick edging, thick edging, thin straight edge thin edging, MDF edging

3. How to say straight edge, rim and rim respectively in English?

Die-cut, better smooth edge, wrapped edge

4. What kind of edge options does the straight edge have? How to say respectively?

There are round edge and gear edge (some customers call lace) to choose, they are called smooth edge, scalloped edge

5. There are 2 kinds of materials for the direct edge model. Which two materials are they?

The materials are double gray material and corrugated cardboard material respectively.

6.Material What is the difference between aluminum foil and PET?

Aluminum foil and PET are two kinds of paper materials. Generally, PET is used for the style of straight edge, and aluminum foil is used for the style of wrapping and edging. Just remember.

7. There are two types of straight edge made of double gray material. Which two are they?

A: The bottom is white, it is single white+PET

B: The bottom is gray, it is double gray + PET

8. In which areas are the straight edge made of double gray material more popular?

This style is the most used basic style in the world, and there are basically customer inquiries in all regions of the world. Because there are fewer work procedures and lower costs, there are more transactions in some Middle East countries, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other regions.

9. In which areas are the double-gray edging styles more popular?

Compared with the straight edge made of double ash, the process and labor cost required for double ash edging are much higher. Generally, more customers in Europe ask for it. The most popular thickness is 3mm, and many are called double thick cake card.

10. There are two types of straight edge made of corrugated cardboard. Which two types are there?

A: Single pit straight edge, thickness 3mm (single corrugated) single pit see pit + PET

B: Double pit straightedge, thickness 6mm (double corrugated) Double pit see pit + PET

11. Where are the straight beers made of corrugated cardboard more popular?

Most of this model is sold to the United States, with single pits for small sizes and double pits for large sizes. Customers in South America and Southeast Asia will also inquire, but in Australia, basic European customers will not ask about this.

12. What is Mounting?

Mounting is to glue 2 large sheets of paper together, such as the single white + PET of the straight edge model, which is to glue a large single white paper to PET of the same size, collectively referred to as mounting. The mounting worker has a specific mounting pit machine to complete the operation, and then take it back for processing after mounting.

13. What is machine cutting?

Machine cutting is to cut a large piece of paper into the size and shape required by the customer through a knife die + cutting machine.

14. What is the maximum thickness of the product made of double gray material? Why can't it be thicker?

Whether it is double gray / single white straight edge, or double gray edging, the thickness can only be 5mm at most, if it exceeds 6mm, the material is too thick and hard, and the die and edge will be easily damaged.

15. What is glossy and matte?

Glossy and matte are the names of surface effects. Glossy/glossy means that the surface looks very bright and has a reflective effect. The effect of matte/matt is the opposite. Matte looks more textured but if scratched When it arrives, it will be very obvious and easy to see. Generally, customers are less recommended to make matte noodles.

16. What is the material of MDF?

MDF is also called Masonite board, which is a material between paper and wood paper. When you report the sea freight for this material, you need to add the commodity inspection fee, which is generally around $70(Price for reference only).. The specific cost should be communicated with the freight forwarder.

17. What thicknesses are common for MDF edging? Which countries are more popular?

The thickness is generally 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm.

MDF is generally sold the most in Australia, and inquiries from customers in the Middle East, North and South America will also be received. Because the material is very hard, the price will be relatively high, but Australian customers are accustomed to using this hardness, so it is generally recommended This one.

18. For the thick cake drum, there are two kinds of materials to choose from. Which two are they?

A: Normal type, corrugated board material

B: Hard version, double grey + corrugated cardboard material grey board + corrugated board

19. There are two ways to choose the thick cake drum, which are the two?

A: wrapped edge

B: edge better smooth edge

20. Which countries are the thick cake trays generally sold to?

Thick cake trays, especially those made of ordinary corrugated cardboard, are also used all over the world, especially in North America and Europe. In the early stage, it was a wrapping type. In the later stage, because of the pursuit of a better-looking edge, more and more customers chose to surround the edge. payment. Hard models are more popular in Europe and can be strongly pushed.

21. The round shape of the thick cake holder can be divided into the edge and the edge. Is the square shape the same?

There is no method of enclosing a square, and the method of wrapping is used.

22. What conventional textures does the company generally have for customers to choose?

A: Rose pattern (used all over the world)

B: Leaf pattern with maple leaf pattern (used all over the world, mostly in North America)

C: Grape pattern Fern pattern (used all over the world and used in Europe)

D: Laini pattern

E: Diamond pattern

F: big/little star pattern

If the number of inquiries from customers is small, try to recommend regular textures to customers. If some special textures are selected, a larger MOQ is required, and the delivery time should be extended.

23. How is the texture made? (What is embossing?)

First, the texture is engraved on a stainless steel roller (a round roller with embossed texture), and then rolled and squeezed through the roller to press the texture on the roller onto the PET or aluminum foil paper.

If the customer wants to have an exclusive texture, it is to ask the supplier to re-engrave a cylinder with the texture of the client, and the client needs to pay the engraving cylinder fee, which costs about $1500(Price for reference only). This texture is exclusive to the client and will never be used for other clients.

24. What is bronzing?

Hot stamping refers to the hot stamping process, and its main material is anodized aluminum foil.

The hot stamping process is a very important post-press processing process in packaging and printing, mainly hot stamping patterns, words and lines to highlight the name and trademark of the product. Ang brand, beautifying products, thereby improving the grade of packaging products. Anodized aluminum hot stamping is also often used for post-press processing of hardcover book covers, greeting cards, calendars and other products.

25. What is pressing LOGO? How to press the customer's LOGO on the product?

At present, many customers want to display their own LOGO on the product. Since the cost of printing and bronzing is relatively high, and the customer's requirements are relatively low, if only the LOGO can be displayed, the customer can be recommended to make a pressed LOGO. It is to make a copper mold for the LOGO specially, and install the copper mold on the knife mold. When using the edge machine cuting product, press the LOGO on the product to form an indentation, and the LOGO is displayed.

26. What materials are generally used in cake boxes?

A: Single copper paper (generally weight 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm, the maximum thickness of the material itself is 400gsm, if you need thicker, you need two sheets of paper to mount, for example, 550gsm needs 300gsm to mount 250gsm)

B: Powder-grey paper (the bottom paper of the 12mm edge cake holder), one side is white, the other side is gray, the weight is the same as the single copper paper, the hardness and thickness are not as good as the single copper paper, and the price is lower than the single copper paper

C: Double-sided white

D: Corrugated paper W9A, one side white

E: Corrugated paper W9W, double-sided white

27. What is Separate lid and cake box, how do you say it in English?

separate lid and cake box cover is a general term for the domestic industry, that is, the box and the cover are separated, and the English is generally expressed as Cake box, with separate lid and box.

28. What is an all-in-one box? What is the general style of the company's integrated box?

All-in-one box means that the box and the cover are connected together. At present, the all-in-one box includes a sticky box and a buckle box. The buckle box requires the customer to buy it back and buckle the 6 sides by himself. be usable.

29. What material is the cake box window? Is it only the lid that can open the window?

The material of the window used to be PVC, but for the sake of environmental protection, it was all replaced by PET.

The lid of the cake box and the 4 sides of the box can be opened with windows, mainly according to the needs of customers, we can adjust the knife mold.

30. How to choose the material of the cake box? How to recommend to customers?

Our cake box factory Most of the cake boxes are made of single copper paper material. If the size is very large, or the customer needs a very tough box, we recommend the corrugated paper material to the customer.

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